Latina Pictures Ltd was set up  by Winston Azzopardi and Rita Galea  to facilitate international  film production companies whilst shooting in Malta.   They are by far, the most experienced personnel working in the Maltese film industry to date.

Winston's name and reputation are synonymous with the film industry. He has been actively involved in film productions since the shooting of Midnight Express in 1977. Winston also set up the Malta Film Commision and became Malta's first film commissioner a post which he relinquished to set up Latina Pictures.

During his term as Film Commissioner and as a Freelancer Winston took a proactive role in attracting and facilitating films such as: Gladiator;  U-571; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Julius Caesar; Helen of Troy; The Death Of Klinghoffer; The Emperor’s New Clothes; Revelation; The Odyssey; Cutthroat Island; Midnight Express.

In 2004 Winston co produced the epic picture ‘TROY’ with Warner Bros.   His recent credits as a production manager include, 'Coronation Street';  Poirot - Murder on the Orient Express from the United Kingdom.  Kriminalni'; Nie Ktam Kochaine from Poland: Carabinieri; Commissario Rex from Italy.

Rita Galea is undoubtedly Malta's most experienced production coordinator with over 35 years experience. Rita can rightly claim that she has worked on the majority of films that where filmed in Malta including one of  Michael Caine’s first film ‘PULP’ in 1971.

Other notable films are Clash of the Titans; Shout at the Devil; Sinbad; Popeye; The Count of Montecristo; U-571; Troy; Munich;  Da-Vinci Code:

Recent credits include - Roman Mysteries; What we did on our holidays from the United Kingdom. Peter Castell; Golgatha Files from Germany. Man of East; from Russia.

In 2010 Rita and Winston completed 3 films for a US/Italy Co-Production  between Leader Film Company  and Dolphin Entertainment (USA). 'KAMMERSPIEL' with Kevin Sorbo and 'VISIONS OF MURDER' starring Craig Bierko and  'TAILOR MADE MURDER' with Rob Estes. These films will be shown on Canale 5 this autumn.   Over the Christmas period Latina Pictures also produced a TV Commercial for MASTERCARD together with DEPO Films from Istanbul.

This year Latina has so far totaled 4 films to their slate.   In February the TV movie 'BODYGUARD' was shot  in locations around Malta with the famous Italian actor Adriano Gianni and Spartacus star Katrina Law.  Followed by another 2 TV films entitled 'GEMELLE' and 'SOUVENIR'

In the beginning of March Latina moved to a larger premises to host what is now known as the biggest feature film ever to  film in Malta,  "WORLD WAR Z".  The film produced by none other than Brad Pitt is a co production between Paramount Pictures and Plan B.   Principal Photography started on the 18th June and ran for the next 3 weeks.  Rita and Winston were production coordinator and production manager respectively.  This epic film  featured over 15,000 Extra days and a crew compliment of 900, over half of these coming from abroad.

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