The film industry is an international business.  Filming in any country is a highly complex process and no matter how much experience the producer has in working abroad, local knowledge of the area is essential for a productive and successful shoot.

We go back as far as 1972 with movies like Pulp, Orca Killer Whale, Midnight Express, Shout at the Devil, Clash of the Titans and Popeye, Christopher Columbus, Cutthroat Island, White Squall and more recently with U-571, Julius Caesar, The Count of Montecristo, Gladiator and Troy.

 Television content is also an integral part of our operation. In the past few years we have serviced TV episodes such as Coronation Street, Commissario Rex, Carabinieri, Poirot and a host of TV films and episodes from all over Europe.

We are experts in servicing low budget productions and our production cost rarely varies from the initial budget submitted to production companies.

Latina Pictures Ltd is the perfect source for filming in Malta as we have the ability to fully understand the producer's needs.

Our services include:

  1. Use of our company to trade in Malta and be eligible for VAT returns and the rebate offered by the Film Commission
  2. Producing
  3. Budgeting on Movie Magic.(MMB 7)
  4. Scheduling on Movie Magic (MMS 5)
  5. Accounting software for payroll, per diems and cost control.
  6. Location scouting. We have thousands of digital photos available for viewing.
  7. Liaising with various Government departments especially the Police, Armed Forces, Local Councils, Maritime Authority, Government Property Department, Planning Authority and Immigration.
  8. Extensive database of local technicians and crew available.
  9. Excellent knowledge of facilities that are available.
  10. Shopping around for affordable rates and reliable services by reputable providers.
  11. Building of film sets
  12. Set Design.
  13. Coordinating the film production office in prep, shoot and wrap.
  14. Facilitating and assisting film crews during their stay
  15. Wrapping up and set strike.
  16. Marine coordination and boat/ship building.
  17. Consulting on European Support Programmes and Co-productions. Rebate system and Tax returns.



Through his extensive knowledge of film production as well as being a seasoned skipper, Winston Azzopardi also handles marine coordination. He is a fully qualified skipper and an experienced helmsman in regattas. His knowledge of the Mediterranean sea is a valuable asset to visiting film crews especially when shooting in the water tanks and out on the open sea.